do you understand what i am trying to tell you all?
i’m not able to express myself fully anymore. when i type something out, such as this, it feels as though i’m just talking in a circle in a circle in a square on a page in a bucket of peanut-butter on a hill made of cheese. but try not to think about it.
when i forgot how to be what i am, and i started to be something else, that’s where the trouble clearly started.
in other news, i need actors. i need a big old cluster of them, to make something happen. i feel like a creepy person by walking up to people and engaging them in conversation about such things, though.
“no, really, i am a director, and it is all legit and everything. yes, it is very much nothing to do with hollywood. it’s on the internet. NO DAMMIT, it is NOT PORN.”
- droshers
Thursday, February 12, 2009