there were other entries to upload.
i’m fairly certain it wasn’t quite so barren.
i suppose that i’m wrong. i am constrained by walls and dark. i’ve not been outside in days. this happens often, where i am isolated from people and persons. the birds are only digital, anymore.
can you see that i am to escape from this? when i am out for a bit, i try to pry myself free from the mundane around me. i pretend to be as normal as everyone else, while i wait for the chance to run through the mud or wrestle a bear.
can you hear the owl, my love? it is hunting. don’t let it catch us and tear us to greasy little bits it tosses down its gullet. if we’re still, it will mistake us for another pair of dry, dead leaves.
i wish those other entries were here. they must be around here, somewhere.
tut tut.
Wednesday, December 5, 2012