never mind all that. it seems as though one cannot be certain of particular directions, affiliations, preferences, or loyalties. don’t be paranoid, but if i were you, i wouldn’t look behind you right now.
i’ve been thinking about old old material i made well over a decade ago, and maybe re-publishing it. when i reviewed some of it, i realized that there were some other folks involved with some of it, and so, i won’t be doing that. it also might somewhat defeat the purpose of this space, or at least my purpose for this space.
i don’t know what your purpose for visiting this space is, but don’t worry. the authorities (have | have not) been alerted.
i know the symptoms of depression, and i’ve been dodging around them, if only to prove to myself that i’m not. if i don’t have the symptoms, i must not be, right?
honestly, i’m not even certain that that is the issue. i think that i need to channel more into a creative outlet, and less into the mundane. banal. the panama banal. are you still here? geez, it’s like you’re trying to get caught.
don’t look behind you.
love and kisses,
Thursday, September 24, 2009