if we are all star-stuff, then we are also all shit stuff. your atoms, once churning in a star, may have been churning in the colon of a dinosaur once.
your left elbow was once crapped out by abraham lincoln, and your toes were a case of diarrhea that napoleon had once. in turn, you today may poop out the earlobe of a future great leader, or a single eyelash from every single water moccasin who will run a marathon.
and let’s not limit the excrement to the animal kingdom. i once knew a man who dropped off at the pool what was once a prehistoric redwood forest that once covered the entire state of arkansas. for an encore, he shat out alexander the great.
and i can say for certain that all of congress, both houses, was once a bad case of food poisoning that nearly wipe out the dodo, long before humans did them in. just imagine it; great flightless masses of birds painfully emptying their bowels before collapsing upon their own stinking discharge, some of the great birds perishing on the spot.
some things never change.
Friday, March 15, 2013