i spend all my time alone. i’m not trying to be emotional here; i am just saying what i experience. i don’t really make an effort to go out and see people. the folks that i am most comfortable with seem to have a similar dislike for large crowds and mindless chatter.
sometimes i worry that i might be a snob, because i can’t simply go in to a stupid movie full of jokes pertaining to flatulence and that i cringe at most “popular” music.
i recently saw a picture of an arts event somewhere, where they set up a series of fires upon the river in a particular city. it looked interesting to me, so i started searching a bit on it. there was a video, in which, there is a crowd of people all crushed in near the water, and they all seem to be talking loudly. in the background, bad new age music is blaring. with great disappointment, i wrote it off in my mind. not worth the trouble.
i don’t know why i hate crowds to much. i certainly have no problem performing in front of one, but being within one - that’s troublesome. perhaps i am afraid of something.
Monday, July 27, 2009